Happy 17 months!

Another month has just flown by in the McYong household. Addison is a big 17 months today, which means we are now 16 months post-transplant. Though I don’t want the princess to grow up too fast, every month we are further away from the heart transplant is a mini milestone in my books. She is keeping us very busy these days as gets more and more mobile. This makes the photo sessions very challenging. Plus she has no love for Muk Muk. We are lucky if she grudgingly gives him a kiss before tossing him to the side.

Addison’s newest obsession is the Skytrain and busses. She absolutely loves riding on the bus and train. Whenever we are out for a walk and a bus drives past, she gets very excited and then horribly disappointed when she realizes we are not getting on board. We are pretty sure Addison has a few words – “dog”, “duck” (which sounds way too close to “dog”), and bubba (for “bubbles”). Her vocabulary is limited however she is very good at letting us know what she wants with pointing, gesticulating, and loud grunts.

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Happy 17 months big girl!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

7 thoughts on “Happy 17 months!

  1. Welcome to Toddler-dom…the kingdom for beautiful little princesses like you Addie….it is so good to see you happy and thriving and well enough to run Mommy and Daddy ragged 😉 ❤

  2. Addison, I’m sorry I missed your 17-month birthday! Penelope just turned 17 months on the 23rd. I wish you two could play together. We’re alot closer now… in New Jersey! We will definitely get to Vancouver some day to hang out with the Yong’s and McArthur’s, ok? Take care, Miss Lovely.


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