Long day at the hospital ahead…

We are in for another round of kinetics blood testing to make sure we know exactly how much Tacrolimus Addison is absorbing now. With the kidney issues, her medical team decided it was worth the hassle to get up to date numbers.
Unfortunately, this involves 6 blood draws over the day. We have been here since 8am and we won’t get to go home until 3:30.
We also had a visit with our pediatrician because Addison seems to have caught another cold, just as she was getting over her first one! Since we are scheduled to leave on a 2 week trip to Hong Kong and Thailand on Sunday, our doc ordered a chest xray just to be sure. Well, the xray is not normal and shows an infection in her left lung. Now we are waiting for a respirologist. At least we are hanging out here all day anyhow!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Long day at the hospital ahead…

  1. Ooh noooooo!!!!!!!! Let us know what the doctors say…. About her chest infection and blood tests!!!!! Addie , at least, looks entertained!!!! 😉

  2. sorry to hear about the latest trouble. Addison is such a happy go lucky “little person” she will get through this and you will all be going on holidays. You have the cutest daughter.. ♥

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