The never-ending day at the hospital: Lung infection 1 – Trip to HK 0

I am worried, sad, frustrated and glad…that’s on top of a wicked butt-kicking cold I’ve managed to pick up from Aaron. Thankfully, Aaron is feeling a little better today so he is doing overnight hospital duty with the Princess. I am waiting for her favourite Dora pajamas to get out of the wash before I go to bed. Yes, that’s right – Addison has been admitted. The lung infection is worrisome and her blood oxygen saturation levels are lower than they should be, especially when she is upset (which tends to happen quite a bit at the hospital). She has to be on oxygen and she’s getting blasted with IV antibiotics. Plus there are so many tests being run on her snot, mucus and blood it’s easiest just to be there.

Here’s the bottom line – the trip to Hong Kong and Phuket is almost certainly off. I think the absolute best case scenario would be delaying it by a few days, but even that is a real long shot. Not that she will be in the hospital into the weekend, at least we’re really hoping that doesn’t happen, but I’m not sure I can, in good conscience as a parent, subject Addison to a potentially germ-filled airplane cabin for 14 hours after she is fresh off this pit stop in the hospital. I am so disappointed because I was looking forward to meeting my new nephew Luca (read about him HERE and HERE). Then at the same time I feel guilty for my sadness. Shouldn’t I just be focused on getting my daughter better rather than moping because I have to cancel a trip…again? The first trip was last June for my sister’s wedding.

I am really thankful our pediatrician decided to go the extra step of ordering that chest X-ray simply because he wanted to make sure everything was fine before leaving on our trip. I don’t even want to think about the consequences if we hadn’t known Addison was this sick and flew halfway around the world.

Ok, the Dora pajamas are ready for the dryer…


Elaine, Aaron and Addison



4 thoughts on “The never-ending day at the hospital: Lung infection 1 – Trip to HK 0

  1. Sometimes parenting sucks…we might think it but aren’t allowed to say it out loud 😉 The trade off for yet another momentary disappointment will be getting Princess Addie free of infection….so I know you will do what all us moms do ‘ put on your big girl panties, get over it and get on with it ‘ Addie is very fortunate to have intelligent, resourceful, loving parents who would move the moon and stars to secure what she needs…remember that each time you hit another speed bump on life’s journey … in the meantime think of the glass as half full … we have amazing technology to keep us connected with family and friends a world away <3. (((Hugs)))

  2. Oh wow Elaine, that sucks! You are so allowed to feel frustrated and mopy to have to cancel. Sorry too that the little Princess is in hospital overnight. That’s rough. Ha ha we just had a Dora second birthday party and Dora goes to daycare with Neena now and she clobbers any kid who tries to play with her doll. I loved your Thanksgiving blog. Such a beautiful list of things to be thankful for, especially one set of grandparents living 2km’s away!
    I’m really hoping for a speedy recovery for all three of you. It’s a wicked cold season.

  3. Words cannot express how I’m feeling…….. I, too, am guilty cause I’m so sad that we won’t be able to go on holidays together…and then I think, it’s ok – you guys can make the flight…. but of course, then I think….. no…. Addison’s health is of utmost importance…….. 😦 Are we the bad luck charm here…….??? I’m so sorry you guys………. I’m so so sorry…….. I just hope that Addie recovers quickly (and mommy and daddy too!). 😦

  4. Prayers for health and healing. Rest that eases your mind…there will be time for the adventures, but there is only one Addision, Arron and Elaine

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