Back on the roller coaster

When you are down in the depths, it always seems so dire. But a roller coaster is only fun when there are downs and ups. Plus the princess clearly thinks we need more excitement in our lives. So 24 hours later, things are looking not too bad, especially compared with yesterday. Addison went off oxygen overnight and her sats have been holding their own all day. She is less laboured in her breathing and is generally looking and acting pretty normal. We had another xray this morning and depending on the doctor, there is either no improvement or a little improvement, but either way it does not look worse.
Now the hard part is keeping a busy toddler amused while tethered to a short leash. Thank goodness the aunties have come by with various Dora paraphernalia. And Addison has found lots of amusement with hospital supplies.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Back on the roller coaster

  1. I have been thinking about all of you all day today! Not wanting to phone and bother you, so thanks for the update. SOOO glad to hear the princess is seemingly on the mend! Still have my fingers crossed for your holiday.

  2. Just love your writings – it makes a person feel as if they are right there with you. Really happy that it appears Addison is improving. Obviously she also wants to go on a holiday. Brenda

  3. So wish I could be there to give Addie a big hug….she’s such a trooper getting all these tests done. It’s great that mommy, daddy, Mr. iPad, Dora and the aunties and Lao Lao and Gong Gong are there to help entertain her (and you guys!). Wish I could be there too… but I’m there in spirit! Sending positive prayers for her to continually get better. XOXOX PS. Luca woke up at 4:30 this morning – I think he wanted to know the latest update!!! He sends kisses too!

  4. Great news Elaine. Thanks for keeping us updated. Does she like movies? Ice Age is Neena’s fave right now. Also a little show called The Hive which is only 7 minutes long per episode but all kids here seem to love Buzzbee.

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