A dip on the roller coaster ride

Just when you think you can catch a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, you hit an extra curve or two you were really hoping to avoid. Addison was labouring to breathe this afternoon and had to go back on oxygen. She immediately perked up after getting tethered back up, ate dinner with gusto, had a coughing fit and puked it all up. Nice. The good think about the increased coughing is hopefully it will move around all the gunk clogging up her lungs. We have another xray scheduled tomorrow. Really hoping we see improvement.
Then there is the drama over her crazy Tacrolimus levels. Now we are currently waiting for a lab tech at VGH to get called in to do an emergency Tac level. At 8pm. You might wonder why. Well the blood sample taken this morning somehow got lost!
Scratch that earlier comment about coughing being good. Princess just puked again. After a bath. After her meds. She actually gagged on the antibiotic hence the vomit.
Sigh. Now at 9 pm we are waiting for the pharmacy to deliver snother round of antibiotics, plus the Tac results. It has been a long day. Thankfully the next day officially starts in 3 hours.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “A dip on the roller coaster ride

  1. OH E and A,….I feel for you….. good to hear that the oxygen helped Addison to feel a little more energetic and more “normal”…kind of hard to feel happy when all these things are going on! The puking does not sound fun – for any of you…. Hope these tac levels get sorted out – very frustrating how her earlier blood sample got lost! The poor thing……..
    One step at a time, right?
    Thinking about you constantly…..

  2. (((Hugs))) Elaine and Aaron…what a roller coaster indeed 😦 Hoping Princess Addie improves overnight and that all hurdles to happiness are once again gone …. hang in there. ❤

  3. I’m very sorry to hear you all are struggling so much right now, especially Addison. Poor baby has gone through so much. My thoughts and prayers are with her and your family. We love you bunches!!!!

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