One step closer to freedom…no more wires!

The princess had to go back on oxygen overnight because her oxygen saturation levels started dipping when she was trying to go to sleep, but she is back on room air today. And her cardiologist decided she doesn’t need to be constantly monitored because she is looking, sounding and acting well, even if her sats dip intermittently through the day or night. So the princess is now free of her tethers! Every 8 hours she needs her IV antibiotics but now she can lounge on the cot. She has enjoyed a stroller walk around the hospital. Maybe this afternoon we will attempt a big trip to the playroom. Otherwise, we are status quo today. Maybe maybe maybe tomorrow we will get to go home?

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “One step closer to freedom…no more wires!

  1. So great to hear!!!! Must be so nice for Addie not to have any wires hooking her up!!!! Si glad she’s feeling better!!!!! She’s a little champ!!!!! Hope you and aaron are ok…not too exhausted!!!! Love you guys!!

  2. Great to hear things are on the upswing and the Princess has more freedom…she’s such a determined little fighter, nothing can hold her down long…and the cutest princess I have seen since my daughter was that age 🙂 Hope you 2 are getting rest so you don’t become the next targets for the nasty viruses currently circulating…remember to care for the caregivers ❤ (((Hugs))) to the McYongs

  3. alway great to get updated with better news! love the way her hairdresser kept Addison’s little bang. Addie, you are so sweet! xo

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