Happy 18 months!

Not exactly how we were planning to celebrate 18 big months for the princess but hey, the party is portable! After a bit of a restless night with laboured breathing, Addison seems to be on an upwards swing. She is still on oxygen but it is down to the minimum amount. Her sats are going strong. A chest xray this morning did not show any changes for better or worse, which is what the doctors say is par for the course. Often xrays lag behind by a few days.
We are hoping we can eventually wean off the oxygen today and stay off overnight.
The princess is quite happy, thoroughly enjoying her first taste of chocolate pudding. Hospital food is awesome!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Happy 18 months!

  1. Happy one and a half, Addison. I was waiting all morning for this birthday announcement…. can you believe I was actually going to remind your parents about this special day? lol – hope you come home soon – bet the chocolate pudding will make you better. xox

  2. hang on &buckle up Mom&Dad. Stable is better than worse, so that does kindof count as improvement,right? I’ll let you know when we find our road map to parenting after transplant, but it might be outdated by then…And who doesn’t like hospital food that involves chocolate pudding, Grace loves her granny’s ribs pre-8am meds while in hotel CH!

  3. Hang in there Elaine and Aaron! Thinking and praying for all of you. Happy 18th to Addison! Hmmm…..choc pudding is my favourite hospital food! Hope you can come home soon!

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