When 90% is all you need – day 6 in the hospital

The pouring rain would it have made it a great day to fly to the sunnier tropical climes of Hong Kong and Thailand, but instead we are still hunkered down on the third floor of BC Children’s Hospital. The princess is slowly getting better…she spent a few hours this morning off oxygen and is now on an even tinier amount…but we still haven’t reached the goal of 24 hours off oxygen.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dora, that’s the Map…

…which goes in the Backpack.

The magic number we are aiming for is 90%. We find ourselves completely mesmerized by Addison’s monitor. When her oxygen saturation probe gets readjusted or reattached to her busy little feet, we stare at the screen with bated breath, waiting to see those digital numbers flashing and ticking away. It is sometimes a torturous exercise, like watching paint dry, and sometimes it is instant gratification. Generally though, we have learned Addison likes to make us wait. Big surprise there right? We have hopefully had enough improvement to avoid a nasty sounding bronchoscopy, but there are at least four doctors involved in her care and they all have different opinions.

Meanwhile, the princess is enjoying all kinds of new things – chocolate pudding, television (we generally have no TV at home) and Dora stuff – the aunties keep bringing more! Her IV packed it in yesterday so now her left hand is free, enabling her to get into even more trouble.

However, mommy and daddy would just like to go home. If we can’t be lazing on a tropical beach, home is the next best thing. I am over my frustration and sadness about missing this trip. Now I am just wistful. We have rebooked for May. Third time’s a charm right?

Come on 90%!!!!!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “When 90% is all you need – day 6 in the hospital

  1. You guys are in my constant thoughts. Tell those doctors to get their sh** together and fix your Addison! Hoping for soon…

  2. I’ll be chanting 90%! 90%!!!!! Addie definitely appears to be ULTRA-entertained and looks VERY happy!!!!!!! 🙂 Hang in there mommy and daddy!!!

  3. Fingers and toes crossed for 90% sats….glad the Princess is on the mend…and so glad you rebooked your trip for May…3 will be a charm Elaine 🙂

  4. Frustration is having 4 doctors with 4 opinions .. omgosh .. that certainly adds to the emotional roller coaster ride. Wishing you all the best. Carol, Langley

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