Rockin at 93%…but still going for a bronchoscopy

The doctors have decided Addison is an enigma wrapped in a mystery and hence, she needs a bronchoscopy. While she is going for long stretches without oxygen, they find it troubling she still needs some oxygen especially during sleep, and all while in the absence of any positive test results. So the princess is going under this afternoon for the bronchoscopy so we can get a sample of gunk right from her lungs. If the tests do show some unusual virus or fungus which is particular to transplant patients, there is medication that can directly treat some of them. If nothing shows up, then we are pretty much assured it is just a regular virus (likely what Aaron and I are fighting). This means the princess has not been able to eat since 8am. Fun!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Rockin at 93%…but still going for a bronchoscopy

  1. Oh no!!!!!!!! Hopefully the bronchoscopy is quick, easy and they can suck out as much crap as needed and that they figure out what’s happening!!!!! Love you guys…. I hope you and Aaron are getting some sleep!

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