4 days down…17 to go in our hospital sentence?

A cat nap in the hospital hallway

It has been a long few days since learning our stay at BC Children’s Hospital suddenly jumped an additional three weeks. At least for Aaron and I. I went back to work, Aaron works a full week starting Monday. While Aaron has been at the hospital most of the time, I have been coming by in the mornings before my shoots, then straight back here after work. Since I am still coughing up a lung, Aaron has also been on most overnights. Needless to say we are tired.

Love my new hairband!

On the positive front, Addison now has a PIC line instead of a regular IV. It is a lot more stable and much easier to unhook between sessions. She has been off oxygen all day and unmonitored. This means we were able to break out of “jail” for a couple of short outings. We met up with Auntie Melodie and cousins Marissa and Aidan for some fun at Chapters.

Playing with Auntie Mel


So much fun to hang out with my cousins!

The infectious disease doctor has also told us two weeks of IV antibiotics may be enough, depending on how Addison is doing. And her cardiac team really wants us out of the hospital as soon as possible so they are looking into the possibility of the princess going home on her IV meds with Mommy and Daddy as her nurses.

I LOVE the pigeon!

Right now, we are attempting to see if the princess can go the whole night without oxygen. Every little step in the right direction gets us one step closer to home.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “4 days down…17 to go in our hospital sentence?

  1. Praying for you guys! It’s great that Addie can take day trips out – feels a little more “normal”! YOu guys are doing an amazing job! I cannot believe you are still sick!!!! Take care of yourself, ok???? (and Aaron!) Addie looks soooooo cute with her little hairband!!! She looks like a little girl – not a baby!!!!! Thinking about you guys all the time……

  2. OMG….she is the most gorgeous happy toddler….despite all her experiences….truly a Princess <3. So happy that things are slowly moving in the right direction and that you have a little more freedom now….hang in there and take care of yourselves….remember your vitamins and to stay hydrated 😉 Sorry the nurse in me coming out….the old 'care for the caregiver' comment……Hugs to the McYong clan ❤

  3. It sure helps that little Miss is in good spirits!One day closer to home. Take care, wishing you &Aaron a speedy recovery,too!

  4. Wow, she looks great! Really hoping for you guys to be able to go home early, and you can add Nurse to your job titles with the IV drip. If it’s the same bug that came through here I’ve been coughing up a lung for weeks now and it’s finally getting better. Hoping you’re all in the best of health for your next trip! Thinking of you lots.

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