The end is in sight! Seven days and counting…

Paper bag princess?

It is official…our three week hospital sentence has been reduced to two weeks. Call it early release for good behaviour because Addison is well on the road to a full recovery. She has been off oxygen for 84 hours now and her oxygen saturation is rocking at 96-97%. The infectious disease team has agreed to just two weeks of IV meds, followed by one week oral. It took much prodding and poking (including annoying questions from a nosy reporter mom who did a lot of internet research at home) to get a straight answer from them. There hasn’t been a case of PCP in so long no one really knows what is the best protocol. Trust Addison to be a trailblazer…again!

Yes! I get to be queen of the hospital hallways again.

My new friend – the giant tarantula in the lobby

The princess has been getting cabin fever so we have been busy on mini excursions around the hospital – she loves going up and down in the elevators and visiting the giant Halloween tarantula in the lobby. The princess thoroughly enjoys riding in the old school pram (which belongs to the ward) and doing the queenly wave at the passing people. She may be having a grand time on her hospital stay-cation, but her tired parents are counting down the days until we get to go home. Seven more sleeps!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “The end is in sight! Seven days and counting…

  1. Can’t even imagine how exhausted you and Aaron are and how difficult it is to keep Addie entertained and happy…never mind get any rest or sleep in a hospital environment…glad there is light @ the end of the tunnel … hang in there 🙂

  2. Well, despite the fact that you guys are in the hospital 24-7, Princess Addie is still the best-dressed little girl around town!!!!!!!! 🙂 I can only imagine how much Addie is enjoying having everyone fuss over her…….. So glad that there is a (shorter) countdown in sight…. HOME SWEET HOME soon!!!! I’m thinking about you guys every single day here in Phuket!!!! XOXOX

  3. I truly dont know where your strength comes from Elaine. You are amazing! I am happy Addison will be coming home sooner than expected and maybe life can get back to some type of normal soon. Although mommy and daddy must be so exhausted.

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