All clear!

Ok PCP we’ve kicked you in the butt! Please don’t come back ever again. The princess had a follow-up appointment with her cardiologist today. Chest x-ray looks fantastic, lungs sound great and her oxygen saturation is back up to normal levels. We didn’t think Addison was that sick when we first landed in the hospital but she has certainly ramped up her energy levels now…clearly feeling much better.

Addison will stay on her PCP antibiotic (Septra) indefinitely for a prophylaxis against PCP, but at a much lower dose. Hopefully this will help with two things – since switching to oral she has had some issues with diarrhea, plus the heavy-duty IV course has really stomped all over her white blood cell count. It is pretty low, especially those all-important neutrophils. This puts us back in lock-down mode so we can avoid germs. We have sadly cancelled her out of swimming, music classes and toddler time. Her WBC numbers should start to come up within the next few weeks now that we are cutting back on Septra, but with cold and flu season upon us, the germ paranoia will likely remain on high alert. Our goal is to stay healthy through Christmas because we are heading to Australia on December 29! This is another trip re-do. We had planned a house exchange last January but after Addison’s heart transplant, we were not allowed to fly anywhere for a year.

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So with many weeks of cold dark Vancouver rain ahead of us, we hit the seawall right after our hospital appointment to soak up some germ-free sunshine!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

8 thoughts on “All clear!

  1. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So great to hear that all is clear!!! Love seeing her sweet smile……..she looks fantastic! (HA – love the super cute coat and matching hat!!!! She is definitely better dressed/matched than me!) HA! 🙂

  2. your creativity during “lock down” is inspiring! And it is will save your sanity this cold &flu season!Hot pink is so your color Addison!

  3. Great news! She looks great in the pics. What a cutie petutie!! Love the pink coat and matching hat!
    Wishing you guys a germ free Christmas so that you are able to go to Australia!

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