Happy 19 months!

Almost didn’t make it on time to wish my big girl happy 19 months! This is what happens when you get sidelined making stew, cleaning up after a toddler, dealing with bath time, reading books, spinning the princess around in her plastic play bucket, loading the dishwasher, tidying up the kitchen…aaaaahhhh sometimes life just gets in the way of living.

Addison is growing up so quickly. It’s such a cliche but it really is true. Here are some of her favourite things this month:

❤ still loving the bus and skytrain, always pointing in the direction of the bus stop

❤ Dora remains number one, but thankfully not with the same fervor as when we were in hospital

❤ always needs her music playing (and now she knows how to control the stereo too – turning the volume up and down, pressing play/pause and stop)

❤ practising her new language skills – “buh, buh, buh” could be bus, banana; “duh, duh, duh” could be door, Dora, duck, dog, down, done, Daddy

❤ doing circuits around the living room and kitchen of our house

❤ wearing her mittens

❤ brushing her teeth, but only when Mommy or Daddy joins her

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Happy 19 months princess!


Mommy and Daddy

5 thoughts on “Happy 19 months!

  1. It’s amazing to see and hear about all her milestones!!!!!!!! What an adorable little princess……. and look at that tutu!!!! (No wonder you dind’t need me to order one for you here!!!) HAHA! You definitely have that one covered! 😉 Happy to see Mukmuk is bringing some smiles and she hasn’t just thrown him aside! HA!

  2. Wonderful! Mmm…stew. Get in all those warm fuzzy winter recipes while you can, because it’s just turned really HOT here. Looking forward to your visit, everyone STAY healthy and keep enjoying life.

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