12/12/12 An auspicious day…Happy 20 months (minus the photos)!

Addison December 2012  09 18-23-47

Making my owl face

I know it’s a lucky day. After all, it will be next century before we have another sequential date. It’s also Addison’s 20 month birthday and 19 months four days post heart transplant, but it was too busy today to squeeze in one of our monthly photo sessions. I promise it’s on the agenda first thing tomorrow morning!

It has been a very busy month so far. We’ve had three functions with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, a Santa party with Addison’s BFF Teagan, a Children’s Organ Transplant Society skating party, plus a family Christmas photo session. To top it off, we have been decluttering our house in preparation for our upcoming house exchange with a family from Australia’s Gold Coast. We are 17 sleeps away from our departure and we are not planning to let anything stop us from getting on board that plane. Of course, Addison is coming down with a cold! She does have impeccable timing. Lots of sneezing and a snotty nose. Her white blood cell counts were back up at the last round of blood work, and those neutrophils were also coming back, so we are confident the princess will be good to go by December 29th.

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Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “12/12/12 An auspicious day…Happy 20 months (minus the photos)!

  1. ❤ all the new photos… so good to see her chubby cheeked and looking so well…cute…the way she isn't so sure about that slippery ice thing….looking good Princess Addie…and you too Aaron 😉
    Fingers, toes and eyes crossed your trip will go off without a hitch this time.

  2. Busy, busy bees!!!!!!!!!!!! How fun Addie got to go skating! Did she enjoy it??? Sounds like it’s been a great/fun month for the McYong’s…..and it will continue all the way to Australia!!!! 🙂 Super excited to see you guys here in HK in a few weeks time!!!!! Here’s to wishing Addie a quick recovery from her cold!

  3. Happy 20th Addison! Wishing all of you the best of health for my own selfish reasons. See you down here with all the koalas and kookaburras.

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