Happy 20 months + 1 day!

Addison December 2012  13 10-38-20

Aaron just remarked this morning how it’s been the longest almost-2 years of his life, which is so true. Yes, babies grow up so fast but the princess has certainly taken us on quite the ride over these past 20 months. She is learning new tricks every day. As I write this, she has discovered a new activity – standing in the bathroom and closing the door…with the lights off…with Mommy and Daddy standing outside. She thinks this is quite funny.

We had a neonatal development assessment a few weeks ago with an intense physiotherapy assessment of her development. Addison is excellent on comprehension and fine motor skills, but a bit slower on her gross motor skills. During the session, the physio suggested we try and encourage her to walk backwards, get her to climb on the furniture, kick and throw a ball. Of course, the next day, she started doing all those things.

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Addison’s new favourite things:

❤ climbing on the furniture

❤ having her favourite buddy Dou-Dou (the fancy French rabbit) sit with her at mealtimes…she must also wear a bib

❤ a love-in with anything octopus, including listening to Bobs and Lolo over and over again

❤ picking out her own clothes, which usually entails some large tacky animal faces or Dora

Happy 20 months big girl!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Happy 20 months + 1 day!

  1. I’m not surprised that Princess Addie already has a style of her own!!!! I’m quite pleased that she likes her panda shirts! 🙂 🙂 🙂 HA! So cute! Great to hear that she’s continually developing…..providing a more rigorous exercise regime for mommy and daddy now that she is eager to climb! It’s amazing to see how small muk muk now looks!!!!!!!!!!

  2. now that she is climbing, it won’t be long before she is on the kitchen counter helping you cook lol. Addie is so cute and I just love to see the changes in her. Merry Christmas to your family

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