Good day for Down Under dreaming…10 sleeps to Australia!

photo 1

We braved the snowy drive to the hospital this morning for Addison’s final Multi-Organ Transplant Clinic visit before our departure to Australia. Her medical team wanted to give the princess a last check-up – you already know she is prone to throwing monkey wrenches into the best-laid plans.

photo 4

Those nasty rusty nail iron supplements seem to be doing the trick. Her hemoglobin has shot up from the 80s to over 100 in just three weeks. Her urea has come down to almost within sight of normal. Creatinine still a little elevated and unfortunately her white blood cell counts and neutrophils are down a little. But we will take the good news when we can get it.

photo 3

So bottom line…very happy to report there is nothing holding us back from getting on that airplane!! However, I don’t think I’ll rest easy until we are actually lounging by our backyard pool on the Gold Coast. And even then, I probably won’t be able to let my guard down completely. But it will definitely be better than spending January here after today’s big blast of winter.

photo 2


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “Good day for Down Under dreaming…10 sleeps to Australia!

  1. Yeah…. fingers , toes and eyes crossed that nothing will keep you off that plane…. stay well Princess….and enjoy the snow while we have it… 😉

  2. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!!! Happy to hear the great health news!!!! Good luck in your last few days in getting all your stuff ready for your holiday down under AND to hk!!!!!!!! Super , super excited!!!!

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