Preparing for takeoff…Australia bound…almost

There are always speed bumps when Addison is involved, but this is a little teeny hiccup we can handle. It is midnight and we are at YVR waiting for our delayed flight to Australia. And the Princess has absolutely no interest in sleeping. It is four hours past her bedtime but she is having way too much fun. Maybe this means she will conk out as soon as we settle in and take off??No matter. We are so ready for this vacation. The last couple of weeks have been very hectic getting our house ready for our exchange family (decluttering three years of accumulated stuff is not fun), working almost everyday, and throw in Christmas in the middle of all that.
We got to meet our lovely exchange family because they arrived this morning. Apparently it is too hot on the Gold Coast right now to spend more than an hour at the beach! Ha. Yet another small little hiccup we happily accept.
16 hour plane ride to sunshine here we come!
Elaine, Aaron and Elaine

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4 thoughts on “Preparing for takeoff…Australia bound…almost

  1. Looking forward to hearing about the flight and to hear you have safely arrived! 🙂 Enjoy the hot, summer weather!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy every single day of your well-deserved holiday!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! 🙂

  2. Wishing you a restful ” non-eventful ” holiday in OZ…. enjoy the heat…..remember the sunscreen 😉 And an early Happy New Year since you will be bringing it in a day earlier than us… Cheers

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