Partying like it’s 2013 on the Gold Coast

Checking out the action at Surfers Paradise

Checking out the action at Surfers Paradise

After 25+ hours of waiting, flying, a missed connection, rebooked tickets from Sydney to the Gold Coast, and more waiting and flying, we finally got to our home away from home on Australia’s Gold Coast last night. The Princess did surprisingly well on our 16 hour flight from Vancouver to Sydney, despite sleeping just 6 hours in our entire travel day. Maybe the upgrade to business class had her on her best behaviour?

IMGP9542 IMGP9531

Despite a huge family friendly 9pm New Year’s Eve fireworks display less than five minutes away from our exchange home, it was too much for us. Technically we were up at the stroke of midnight to ring in 2013 because one of Addison’s medications was due. Keeping track of her med schedule with the time change was been quite the challenge for my exhausted brain. I have separate charts for each drug and so far, Aaron and I have not missed any doses.


New Year’s Day with 30+C temps and sunshine is a little weird. As are the Christmas trees and Santa decorations. Instead of the Polar Bear Swim, we hit Surfers Paradise to check out the action and topped it off with an ice cream. I don’t think it will take us too long to get used to the Down Under lifestyle!

IMGP9559 IMGP9560

Wishing all of you an amazing new year with happiness and good health in 2013.



Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “Partying like it’s 2013 on the Gold Coast

  1. Great to hear you guys are settling in nicely over there!!! Looks like Addie us enjoying the heat, sun and cool treats!!!! What a fun way to start 2013- in Australia!!! 🙂 love the pics!!

  2. AHHH so wonderful to leave cold & flu season in your dust!!! Enjoy every second!!! Dennis & Grace are busy competing in a Dance 4 marathon with each other to beat the cabin fever!!! Happy happy new year!!!

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