Kangaroos, koalas and Dora…oh my!


The Princess is in Down Under heaven. We have been doing all those cheesy touristy things we used to shun others for partaking in while on vacation. But when you have a little one, the list of “must-dos” changes a lot.

Lao-Lao couldn’t possibly leave Australia without one of those koala photos, so Addison joined in with her grandparents for the ultimate tourist mug shot. She couldn’t stop petting the koala! There was also a lot of excitement at kangaroo feeding time. Addison was not frightened at all and we had to wrestle her away several times from getting too close to stepping on a tail.

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While basking in 30+C temps and sunny skies, we joined the summer school holiday crowds at Sea World. The penguins, dinosaurs and fish were pretty interesting, but nothing beat out the Dora show. Thankfully, Gong-Gong videotaped it so she has been able to relive the highlights on demand.

The one fantastic thing about summer time weather – no cold and flu season! And since vacation is all about relaxing, being able to let down our germ paranoia guard a little has been oh so nice.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “Kangaroos, koalas and Dora…oh my!

  1. ❤ your adventure tales… enjoy all the cheesy touristy moments and photo ops you can get… wonderful memories in the making…. enjoy the hot virus free weather… cold, windy and rainy here… so you are much better off in the land of " Aus " 🙂

  2. I just live the family shot with the koala!!! Come on- you gotta do it!!! 🙂 did Addie get to meet Dora? 🙂 really great that its videod- good thinking gong gong!!!! 🙂 do glad that you are all able to let loose and enjoy life!!! Well deserved family holiday!!!!

  3. Neena is still talking about her new little friend Addison. I think they’ve bonded over Dora! So great to finally have you guys around to hang out with.

  4. Happy new year from the Bothwell/Kirk home. Loved our Christmas card Addison (we made Abby share!). Health, happiness and worry free moments for 2013! Janice

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