Happy 21 months beach baby!

IMGP0569It’s a big 21 month birthday for Addison today. And since we are in the land of beautiful beaches, why not have a photo session down on the beach? This afternoon’s sea and sand visit is our last on the wonderful Gold Coast. Tomorrow we drive up north to go to Fraser Island and introduce the Princess to the Great Barrier Reef.

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We have had a lot of fun here over the last 12 days. Addison even got to see a koala in the wild today…a pretty rare sighting. But nothing seems to make her happier than digging in the sand and destroying sand castles. It is pretty heartwarming to see how far she has come since her heart transplant.

Happy 21 months big girl!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Happy 21 months beach baby!

  1. An amazing beach holiday for the mc yongs!!!! So wonderful to see princess Addie so happy and clearly “in her element”!!! (Like her mom!) looks like you guys may be taking more beach holidays in the future!!! Haha! Well… We do have Thailand in may…!!!! 🙂 yeah!!!! Awesome you got to see a wild (awake) koala too!!!!!! Have a great time on Fraser Island- very pretty there!!!!

  2. Princess Addie sure looks happy and healthy in her new kingdom. 🙂
    … I am so happy to hear she is soaking up all those sun rays and Vitamin D while frolicking in the sand and surf. Lucky you seeing a koala in its natural habitat ! You aren’t missing much weather wise in Vancouver/ Victoria…. cold….brrrr….sleet and snow showers the past few days… enjoy the warm weather while you have it…. All the best to the McYongs,,,,and in the wise words of a cult following TV show…. ” live long and prosper ” ❤

  3. Wow, that was a very special item to remember to pack! We had a great visit Elaine, and I still am pinching myself that it was the McYong clan driving down our street in a Pajero. Credit to my husband Kirby’s amazing eyesight for spotting that furry koala. See you soon.

  4. Hi Elaine and Aaron,
    I am Melodie’s colleague. I have been following your blog on Addison ever since Melodie told me about it over a year ago (have it bookmarked!). You are both courageous and most loving parents! Thank you for your willingness to share your stories and journey with others. Addison is a strong and beautiful child. I absolutely love seeing her “uni-dimple” smile!
    It is great to see you all having so much fun vacationing in Australia!! When I saw your blog on waiting at YVR, I was overjoyed…”Yes! Yes! They are going!” I wish you both and Addison the very best! May you have lots of “worry-free” moments! Jiak Chin

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