34000 km, 5 cities, 8 airplanes, 1 koala and 1 centipede

We are just about to head to the Hong Kong Airport Express station for our flight back home to Vancouver. It has been a great month long vacation full of new adventures and misadventures with Addison. Aside from the run-in with the centipede (Aaron would like everyone to know this was not just a small little critter…it was a large scary squirmy thing, enough to make him cringe…probably about the size of Addison’s face!), and one missed dose of medication, it has all been good. While we are looking forward to getting home, settling back into reality is always a bit of an adjustment. It also appears the Princess may have caught a little cough/cold, despite all our best precautions.
It is a sad good-bye to Hong Kong and Auntie Son-Son, Uncle Ben-Ben and Baby Ooca, but we will be back in May!

See you in Vancouver!
Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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3 thoughts on “34000 km, 5 cities, 8 airplanes, 1 koala and 1 centipede

  1. What a wonderful adventure for the McYong Clan. Glad it all worked out … with a few minor glitches and one large insect…. Have a safe trip back….

  2. I am so sad that you guys have left…but you know me…son-son and goodbyes don’t go well together. Despite the tears of sadness, I am so happy and so grateful for the few days we had together here in HK! ALthough I couldn’t get as close to the little princess as I wanted to, I was sooooo happy to see her again and have her meet Luca (from a distance). I’m sorry for all the germs and coughing… I hope to GOD that Addie’s start to a cough does not progress anymore and she’s happy and chipper as can be back in Vancouver. I hope you guys have a smooth, easy flight (in business class) and that the transition back to work isn’t too hard…
    Miss you guys!!!!!!!!!

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