Happy 22 months!

Addison February 2013 12 10-55-58

Guess who is 22 months old today? We only had 15 minutes between breakfast, potty and a date with Toddler Time for this month’s photo session. Frankly, Addison is just not very cooperative. She just can’t sit still and always needs to be busy. Toddlers! Our house always seems to be teetering on the edge of chaos, as you can probably tell from the messy background in these photos. What happened to those days when the Princess would lay quietly on my big white backdrop/bed sheet??

Some of her new tricks this month include:

❤ Saying “NO” – she actually started this in Australia but I think she now knows what it means

❤ more imaginative play – pretending to “nap nap”, feeding her animals, helping sweep, making eggs at her play kitchen

❤ lots of new words – finally she can say “Gong Gong”! and she loves repeating whatever we say like a little parrot

❤ recognizing McDonald’s for the many ice cream cones we enjoyed in Australia – whenever she sees the golden arches, she points and says “bing”, which is short for the Chinese word for ice cream

❤ learning her letters (still a work in progress)

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Happy 22 months big girl!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

One thought on “Happy 22 months!

  1. She looks like a Big little girl here!!!!!!!! Love hearing about her new accomplishments!!! Next on the list – son-son!!!! 🙂

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