Happy ❤ Day!

Addison February 2013 14 11-15-05

It is Addison’s second ❤ Day and we are celebrating with plenty of ❤ all around (and a chocolate croissant for breakfast). As we explained last year, Aaron and I have never really been big on this Hallmark occasion so after the heart transplant we declared it ❤ Day in the McYong household. And as an added bonus, did anyone notice that super cute ad in the Vancouver Sun on page A12?

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Happy ❤ Day everyone!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Happy ❤ Day!

  1. Happy ❤ Day to the McYongs!!! Thank you for sharing all your lovely photos! I ❤ the photo with her little mouth open with hearts stuck all over her face. Super cute!

  2. Very Happy Heart day to the McYongs. What beautiful photos of the little Princess and King Aaron as well… Much love and good health is my Valentine wish for you…

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