Biopsy round 3

It is technically Addison’s third go for a heart biopsy, but the first attempt was a bust. So assuming it goes smoothly, today will be her second biopsy since her transplant 21 months ago.

The Princess has been in pretty good spirits, but she is getting quite cranky with no food or morning milk! We promised her lots of Popsicles when she is done. It is getting more challenging as she gets older and becomes more aware of what’s happening, but until those biomarker blood tests are ready for pediatric heart transplant patients, this is going to be a regular occurrence.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Biopsy round 3

  1. Evanne LOVES her biopsies. I’m certain it wasn’t always that way though!
    She goes for her third biopsy since the summer, next week and she cheered when I told her. Biopsies seem to be as fun as birthdays in this house! Have faith, Addison may get there: )

  2. Wishing you God speed with today’s events… Princess Addie is a little trooper and she will get through this…. despite being grumpy and hungry…. ((((hugs))))

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