When ZERO is a good thing: Addison 2 Rejection 0

Addison February 2013 17 11-51-49

Though Aaron seems to be able to breeze through most of Addison’s numerous tests without stressing too much, I am always a little bit worried. I can’t feel completely at ease until I hear someone who has extensive medical training say that everything is fine. So I am very happy and relieved to report the preliminary results of Addison’s heart biopsy shows no rejection!! Woohoo! The pathologist is still waiting for the antibody stains to come back tomorrow, but very unlikely that will show anything if the initial findings are free of rejection.

We also have some good news from her blood work. Tac levels are back where they should be, which is especially great because we were mulling over the possibility of doing another all-day blood kinetics test to find out what the Princess was doing with all those meds. Her white blood cell counts and neutrophils are back up. They have been depressed since her bout of PCP in October. Creatinine (one of the main kidney numbers) is back within normal range…first time in many months. Overall, Addison is rocking it! However, her Mommy and Daddy are clearly befuddled. This morning, for the first time ever, we gave her a double dose of Tac. Aaron didn’t realize I had already given it to her. Oooops!

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The calendar has been packed pretty full, but we did something really special on Sunday. There was a small Heart Day Walk in North Vancouver for heart families to come together. Addison got to hang out with Andrew, the newest member of the heart transplant club. He walked the entire trail…just four weeks after his transplant!! It still takes my breath away that this works. Wow.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “When ZERO is a good thing: Addison 2 Rejection 0

  1. Go Addison Go! I’ve been following Addison’s progress on this blog and I’m so happy to hear she is doing so well. A determined little girl with super supportive parents – the recipe for success!

  2. Can I tell you that I have given a double dose before too! My three year old goes through so much prograf 1.75mg four times a day. If I don’t concentrate, sometimes I don’t remember which med I administered. So happy she is at ZERO. Praying for continued health. Mommy to MaryOlivia Bingham AML leukemia survivor and heart transplant recipient extraordinaire.

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