The perks of being a frequent flier at BC Children’s Hospital – Go Giants!

Though no one wants to watch their child go through a life and death medical battle, our journey with Addison has been full of amazing moments. We have been privileged to enjoy so many perks while hanging on to her coattails. This afternoon, thanks to the Bublé family, Addison (and her Gong gong and Lao Lao) are enjoying their first ever hockey game. Or as the Princess calls it, “hock”. The Bublés are so generous…they offer up their private suite to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation families as a special treat. Thank you!!! Love,
Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “The perks of being a frequent flier at BC Children’s Hospital – Go Giants!

  1. loooooove all the pictures! yes, go Giants!
    we’re on the beach in Boracay looking for heart-shaped pebbles.
    when I think of Addison, they’re all heart-shaped.
    love you, cutie pie! thanks for allowing us to be on your list of friends.
    we enjoy the blog, especially the pics.
    we’ll try to bring home some sunshine for you all.
    x Anne

  2. How totally fun!!!!! Looks like everybody had a great time!!!! Did Addie enjoy her first “hock” game????? Looks like Daddy and Uncle Dale enjoyed being in the special Buble box! 🙂

  3. it IS nice when the rest of the family get a few perks too – you deserve them. Too often (in my own experience) the caregivers, be they parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc get ‘lost in the shuffle’ of well wishing. I know we would all not have it otherwise as our children are more important & need these special trips but it is certainly nice to be included as well. And it makes for great memories for the family! Moe has been the recipient, over the years, of some great times. BCCH is a true blessing to have in our lives.

  4. Wow, how very sweet of the Buble family to share their hockey suite! Addison will have to tell Neena about ‘hock’ when we visit and maybe Neena can try to describe cricket?

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