Happy 23 months!

Addison March 2013 10 15-37-34

Two years is sneaking up on us so fast. Now I know exactly what all those other parents meant when they kept telling us it would go by in a flash. While everyday in the first year of Addison’s life seemed to go so slowly as we were counting down each day past the heart transplant, now the clock has sped up. Our big girl is constantly impressing us with her newfound skills. We have finally started thinking about a two year birthday celebration and are opting for something very small with family. I suppose that’s also the upside of not going to too many group activities with an immune-compromised child…the Princess doesn’t have a huge circle of little buddies! But hey, I always say it’s quality not quantity that counts.

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Here are Addison’s new tricks this month:

❤ Climbing up on any and everything in the house. This includes standing on top of the dining room chairs and the coffee table. Last week, we caught her standing on the step stool which was precariously placed on top of the ottoman bench at the foot of our bed!

❤ Running and walking just about everywhere.

❤ Going to her first hockey game and soccer game. Go Giants and Whitecaps! (Thanks to the BCCHF for both opportunities.)

❤ Learning her numbers and letters.

❤ Giving everyone hugs.

❤ Dropping her one and only nap. (Mommy and Daddy aren’t too impressed with this new trick.)

Happy 23 months big girl!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

8 thoughts on “Happy 23 months!

  1. she is still so adorable and doing well. I hadn’t realized it was a sticker lol. Thought they were different onsies made up. Soon she will be into the pots and pans cupboards. Not to change the subject but I have also been following Lillee Jean who appears to be losing her battle.(Chilliwack toddler)

  2. Elaine: You are so blessed to have such a lovely little princess. It is a treat to follow her blog and watch as she grow and develops. I too thought they were different onsies all made up for the different months (lol!). The stickers are very neat!

  3. Happy 23 month birthday, Addie!!!!!! It is amazing and fun to watch Addie grow and develop!!! She is an amazing little girl with a fun and cheeky personality!!! 🙂 so many great shots of her smiling and having a great time!!

  4. It is so good to see your ” Cheeky Little Monkey ” flourishing ! I absolutely love her chubby little cheeks and her impish grin… Long reign Princess Addie and long may she keep her parents running flat out to keep up with her…. hugs to the McYong Clan…. ❤

  5. Still laughing at the pic of Addison sticking her tongue out and hanging on to the “sticker.” Makes a person want to grab her and give her the biggest hugs. lol

  6. Elaine, I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m Phoenix’s mom Jenn. I’ve only recently learned about Addison’s heart transplant through your blog…because I’ve been in my own head for the past few months. I’m so happy to see that you are all out of the hospital and enjoying life. I also just read about Lindsey’s passing this morning…..it brought me to tears. Please send them my love and deepest condolences.

    I love reading your updates.You go Addison!

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