Happy 70th birthday Gong Gong!

Addison March 2013 24 10-30-45

Gong Gong’s 70th birthday meant lots of yummy food for me!

Well it may not be my birthday just yet, but celebrating Gong Gong’s birthday is just as good. He turns 70 years old today…wow!! Yesterday and today have been full of fun times involving food. We had cake at Gong Gong’s church, then there was dim sum for lunch. In the evening, we ate even more for a big birthday dinner at the Keg. Mmmmm I really like short rib and calamari, plus they make a delicious cheese toast there. Then today, afternoon tea at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver where I ate two big pieces of halibut and most of the chips, with a generous helping of ketchup. Yum yum yum.

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For Gong Gong’s present, my cousins and I (with help from our mommies) put together a book listing 70 reasons we love Gong Gong. Here are a few of mine:

❤ I love how Gong Gong lets me eat chips when my Mommy isn’t paying attention.

❤ Gong Gong teaches me fun Chinese words.

❤ Gong Gong is always so generous, especially with his love.

❤ I love how Gong Gong came and sat by my hospital bed everyday when I was getting my heart transplant.

❤ I love going on worldwide adventures with Gong Gong.

❤ I love going to the playground with Gong Gong. He climbs up on everything!

Happy 70th birthday Gong Gong!



6 thoughts on “Happy 70th birthday Gong Gong!

  1. Awww..thanks for the pictures…. it’s soooo nice to see all the kids, Gong Gong and the different celebrations. So sad that we weren’t there to celebrate in person!!!!!!! So glad Addie got to have lots of hugs from everyone too!

  2. Happy Birthday Gong Gong… 70 years young and looking great…. Princess Addie is a lucky girl to have you in her life !

  3. Kids love celebrations, don’t they? Happy Birthday 70th to your dad! Very special time…love the 70 reasons…a great way to bless and honour your dad!

  4. Gong Gong is amazing! Keep helping him with those chips Addie, I’m sure your mom’s only pretending she’s ‘not looking’ 🙂 Wishing to have half the youthful spirit he has when I am 70.

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