Does the Easter bunny wear a tutu?? Happy Easter!

Addison March 2013 29 11-05-32

In our house, the Easter bunny wears a tutu. A really big fat pink fluffy tutu. Addison loves her tutu, or her “dudu” as she calls it. Yes, admittedly, I am responsible for bringing it into the house. I went crazy for the frothy concoction at a Christmas craft fair a few months ago. Despite Aaron’s vociferous protests, I gleefully plunked down my money and brought it home. It’s mostly been hanging in her closet, sitting there untouched. But over the past few days, for some reason, the Princess has had her eye on it and keeps talking about her “dudu”. Well, it just seemed to match so perfectly with the bunny ears. Unfortunately, our headstrong little daughter does not like the bunny ears quite as much as the tutu, as you can see from the pictures!

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We’ve had a really good run of health in the McYong household since getting back from our Australia trip, but that seems to be coming to an end. I think I’ve caught the spring cold that is making the rounds and now Addison’s nose is an endless dripping faucet. With her last blood work showing a normal white blood cell count and neutrophil count, hopefully she (and I) can kick this cold relatively painlessly.

Get out and enjoy this gorgeous Vancouver weekend! Happy Easter!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Does the Easter bunny wear a tutu?? Happy Easter!

  1. Oh my…. could she get any cuter ? ❤ Love the bunny tail on the tutu… and Aaron you rock those ears! Don't we all wish we could wear that tutu ?…our inner child gravitates towards those frothy props… maybe because it takes us back to our childhood and ballet lessons in an innocent time… sigh…. Happy Easter to the McYong clan… stay well 🙂

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