Look who’s turning 2 today!! Happy birthday Addison!

Addison April 2013 10 11-10-05

Wow wow wow wow…who would have thought the Princess would grow up so darn quickly? We are celebrating another big milestone in the McYong household today – Addison turns 2! Not officially until 7:43pm but who needs to be exact? She is getting very good at saying “Happy Birthday!”, and she sometimes even knows the right answer to the question “How old are you?”

Addison has been having a really great spring health-wise. She still has a bit of runny nose from this latest cold, but it hasn’t slowed her down at all. We have been blissfully absent from the hospital for the past eight weeks since the heart biopsy. There was some blood work and a little visit to the pediatrician for a yeast infection – yes, toddlers can get yeast infections, especially immune-compromised ones – which resulted in two weeks of special “bap” (Addison’s word for diaper) medicine. We have increased Addison’s main anti-rejection drug a little and and gone back to one dose every 12 hours instead of every 8. It’s been great not to have to sneak into her room every midnight to slip her another dose of Tac. Her kidney numbers had crept up a tiny bit on the last blood work so we are keeping a close eye on that…hoping it’s just a blip. We are back at Transplant Clinic in a couple of weeks. This is one of the longest stretches we’ve had between clinic visits!

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There are so many accomplishments to celebrate on Addison’s second birthday:

❤ She can name every single Dora character. But Sesame Street creatures are coming in a close second.

❤ She is trying to dress herself, though that usually involves trying on Mommy or Daddy’s shoes.

❤ She loves taking all her animals from her crib, to our bed, to the couch, to the chair. She often picks each one up and lists its name before she arranges it in place. I just showed her how she can drag around her entourage en masse by pulling them on her blanket.

❤ She continues her penchant for being a daredevil. At the playground, she almost always opts for the highest, steepest slide. No baby slides for this big 2 year old!

❤ She mostly wears big girl underwear now. Don’t get me wrong – it’s still a work in progress. A few times a week I’m wiping puddles up off the floor.

❤ She can eat a bowl of Gong Gong’s special oatmeal (we usually get 3x weekly delivery) on her own with only minimal goop landing on the floor.

❤ She discovered the secret box of Dora bandages Mommy bought for emergencies. At least once a day, she tells us we need a new bandage, and then proceeds to check on it throughout the day.

❤ She is very generous with her hugs.

Happy 2nd birthday big girl!!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

P.S. This also means I am at the end of my “official” monthly photo sessions! Those month stickers don’t come any higher. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of photos!

15 thoughts on “Look who’s turning 2 today!! Happy birthday Addison!

  1. WOW – where has the time gone ? Happy Birthday Addison. Keep finding new cool tricks for mum and dad.. All the best to the 3 of you and the rest of the family

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Addison! We love you and are so proud of you. You are such a cutie!
    Love, Mike, Julie, Adam and Isaac

  3. What an inspirational journey you have shared. Thank you for being so
    open and for the sharing of these first two years with so many of us – it has been a joy and delight to see her grow into such a bright, spunky, beautiful
    little girl. Happy Birthday Addison!! I wish you many, many happy and
    healthy returns of today!.

  4. Happy Birthday!
    We are so happy to see Addison happy & healthy!
    Thank you for publically sharing your roller coaster ride. Addison’s blog gives the rest of us hope, comfort, courage & inspiration. Reading your blogs while we were in the BCCH ICU made a huge difference for our family. We look forward to the wonderful futures our “heart buddies” will have.

  5. Happy 2nd Birthday Addison! The joy that radiates in each of your pictures fills me with such hope and optimism! You have a bright future ahead of you. Thank you to your mommy for sharing your story on this blog. I have enjoyed following your progress and seeing you grow into a beautiful, strong “big girl!” I look forward to future updates.

  6. Happy, happy 2nd Birthday, Princess Addison!!!!! It’s amazing to think about how much you have been through in your two years!!!!! You are a gorgeous BIG GIRL – so much spunk, energy and enthusiasm that we can all learn from! 🙂 We hope you have a really FUN birthday weekend…cannot wait to see your reaction with your special surprise guest at your party. 🙂 Love you so much, Addie!
    Love, Auntie Son-Son, Uncle Ben-Ben and Baby Luca

  7. Happy Birthday Princess Addie… 2 years is a big number to celebrate… and you have packed a lot of living into those 2 years… may you have a year of good health, happiness and mischief 😉 ❤ to the McYong Clan on an amazing milestone….

  8. Happy Birthday Addison! (and by extension, Happy Heart Day!, in a couple weeks) God Bless you and your family evermore!

    Thank you to Mum and Dad for sharing. We love having the cyber hand to hold as we all go through our journeys!

    with love from, Tristyn Tallio (new heart Sept 02, 2010. Edmonton, AB)
    (and of course his Mama!)

  9. Happy birthday from your little friend Neena Roulstone in Australia! We went looking for that koala again today, but no luck. You were our koala spotting good luck charm. See you soon!

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