Addison’s special birthday guest….guess who??

Maybe I am one of THOSE moms…yes, the ones who are crazy enough to hire a mascot to entertain at their child’s birthday party. At least that’s what Aaron thinks. His retort to me was, “What’s next?? A pony??” Well I say why not? My baby girl had a heart transplant before she was a month old and we are so lucky we can celebrate another milestone together. I think that’s a pretty darn good reason. I know I had said I was going to keep it low-key with just family. And it was, except for our extra special guest. (We also had a couple of other guests – Davide and Kirk, the two Olympic volunteers who stayed at our house while Aaron and I were working in Whistler. We went and visited Davide and his family in Italy last year for Addison’s first birthday!)

I’m not sure who enjoyed it more…the Princess or her mommy.  ❤


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

9 thoughts on “Addison’s special birthday guest….guess who??

  1. Um, I had the Canucks mascot at one of my birthday parties in my 30s, so I think this is awesome! I’m glad she wasn’t scared. Fin kind of freaked out the kids in my family.

  2. Looks like an absolutely amazing celebration! How sweet that advise could be there too!!!! So happy to see that Dora was a welcome guest and spent lots of quality time with the birthday princess!!!! Totally worth it!!!!! Glad you all hd fun too!!!!!!
    Sad we weren’t there to help celebrate!!!! Xoxox from Hong Kong!!!

  3. Oh that looks like such fun Princess Addie….my kids loved Dora the Explorer too …. you and Dora are so cute as bffs 🙂 BTW ….There’s always next year for the birthday pony Aaron 😉

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