Are you registered? It’s National Organ Donation Awareness Week!

As we approach Addison’s second heart day, the timing of National Organ Donation Awareness Week couldn’t be better. It’s yet another reminder as to just how lucky we are to celebrate each and every day with our Princess. Every so often, it just hits me. My daughter is alive because another mother said yes. My daughter is here because another baby’s heart beats inside her chest.

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The numbers are staggering – more than 4400 Canadians are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant right now. And every day and a half, one of those patients dies while waiting. The sad truth is there just aren’t enough organs available for transplant. Even thought the vast majority of us support organ donation, many people still have not registered as donors. It is so important for all of us to have that conversation with our families so they know our wishes. It isn’t an easy or pleasant topic, but it can mean a second chance at life for up to eight other people.

This week we are celebrating National Organ Donation Week by showing our support. This morning at around 9:30am, we are going to be on Jill Krop’s morning talk show AM/BC, sharing Addison’s story. And then this Sunday, April 28, we will be taking part in the Transplant Trot at Burnaby Lake. Come join Team Addison if you have some time! At the very least, please register to be an organ donor.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Are you registered? It’s National Organ Donation Awareness Week!

  1. I will be sure to spread the wod about organ donation here in Hong Kong!!!!!! Cannot believe how far Addie has come!!!!! She really is Super Addie!! 🙂

  2. Our family of 4 is registered… I believe in organ donation strongly as a former trauma/ transplant Nurse ( lungs/ livers in TO) Princess Addie is living testament to the need for us to have this discussion and register… Good health and cheer to the McYongs… long may she reign ❤

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