Superstar Addison steals the show with @JillKrop


It can be very distracting to be on live television with a squirmy two year old in your arms, but when the McYongs are given an opportunity to promote organ donation and increase awareness about transplants, we’re all over it. This morning, we were guests on Jill Krop’s morning talk show AM/BC. Clearly Addison stole the show. Hopefully, Mommy and Daddy managed to get out the important parts of their message in between the toddler antics. Watch our interview on Jill Krop’s show HERE. (Scroll down to the second video player.)


Just hanging out on the floor of the Global BC newsroom.


The life of a television personality is so exhausting.

Then tonight, I was the guest speaker at Canadian Blood Services Honouring our Lifeblood event. This celebrates donors who have reached a milestone of 75 donations or higher in the previous year!!! 75 donations is pretty astounding. What’s even more interesting is Addison received 75 blood products when she was hospitalized for her heart transplant. I counted each and every order sheet. If you have never donated blood, add that to your list. It is a way we can all give the gift of life many times over.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “Superstar Addison steals the show with @JillKrop

  1. Princess Addie definitely was a star! You guys did a great job spreading this important message to help save lives….people here in HK have been watching it and commenting on it as well!

  2. Well done McYong Clan and Jill Krop…. you are doing an amazing job of spreading organ donation awareness… Princess Addie is the cutest spokesperson every ❤

  3. Wow, she was great! I’m so happy the Global server lets me watch streaming video here. And I noticed the family holiday Australia snaps!

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