Team Addison celebrates life @transplanttrot 2013!

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The sunshine came out just in time for the Transplant Trot at Burnaby Lake this morning. Another fantastic showing for Team Addison, thanks to all our friends at Global BC, the McYong extended family and Addison’s growing circle of supporters. We got a chance to catch up with some old friends and new friends…plus hear so many more inspirational stories of love, life and hope.

Addison was once again the youngest transplant recipient at the walk, but this just means she has so many others to look up to and follow. We talked to a woman who had her kidney transplant 30 years ago! Now she has four grandchildren. That’s amazing and gives us so much hope.

The Princess was actually able to walk this year, however, it was pretty slow going and I don’t think we made it much further than 1km out on the trail. She was fascinated with mascot Sidney the Kidney and could not stop hugging him and standing next to him. Maybe it’s a fallout of the Dora birthday party?

Today marks the end of National Organ Donation Awareness Week. Spread the word!!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Team Addison celebrates life @transplanttrot 2013!

  1. Sidney the Kidney cracks me up! I love his mohawk. Team Addison is getting bigger and bigger, how lucky to have so many beautiful cousins in the McYong family

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