Celebrating the birthday of the bravest little girl we will never get to meet

Addison April 2013 29 10-11-14

Today would have been Audrey’s second birthday. We never got to meet her but she is the bravest little girl we know. And her mom Felicia is the bravest mother because in the terrible grief of mourning for her daughter, she reached out to complete strangers with the gift of life. Beautiful Audrey was born April 30, 2011 and lived just six days. She was Nevada’s youngest organ donor that year.

Felicia is having a special birthday celebration for Audrey at the cemetery, including a balloon release. We did our own small ceremony here in Vancouver. Addison kept saying “Happy Birthday Audrey!” after we told her we bought balloons that we were going to send up to the sky to Audrey for her birthday.

We will always carry Audrey in our hearts. There is a photo of her in Addison’s room and when we point to it, Addison says, “Heart.” It’s bittersweet when we look at our Princess so full of life and then think about what Audrey would have been like at this age. There’s no way to ease our conscience because you can’t help but feel the guilt – Addison is here and Audrey isn’t. We are so so grateful. All we can hope is that Felicia and her family find comfort in seeing their daughter’s legacy live on.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “Celebrating the birthday of the bravest little girl we will never get to meet

  1. ❤ and hugs to the McYong Clan… and heartfelt healing prayers for Audrey's family… Felicia is one remarkable young woman …. my utmost respect and admiration for anyone who can find the inner strength and courage to make such a huge difference in someone else's life… while facing monumental pain and loss in their own … I hope it gives her tremendous peace knowing her daughter lives on in Addison…. Long live Princess Addie…. ❤

  2. Love & hugs to everyone! Organ donors & their families are true heros. The gift of life is amazing. These heros decided to turn their unavoidable sadness into life for others.

    Thank you Felicia! Audrey was small and powerful. She had a short life and she was a hero. Audrey donated organs to save others which is fantastic but it does not stop there. These gifts of life have a ripple effect on everyone else as well – family, friends and everyone else connected to the recipients. Thank you for being a hero!

  3. I think it’s wonderful that Addie knows that she got her heart from Audrey. What a meaningful gesture you did to honor what would have been Audrey’s 2nd birthday. My heart goes out to Felicia and her family- I cannot imagine what they went through…we are all eternally grateful for giving Addie the gift of life.

  4. Felicia and her family must feel great joy to see that you, Aaron and your families have ensured that Addison is living her life to the fullest. She has travelled so much. You have all worked so hard to give back to Childrens Hospital and have made so many people aware of the need for organ donors! Love and prayers for Addison’s continued good health. Your family is a true inspiration!

  5. Love to all…this is Audrey’s Grandma, Felicia’s mom. Thank you Elaine & Aaron for raising Addison in the knowledge of Audrey’s gift. We feel so blessed that even though we prayed for a miracle for Audrey the Good Lord saw to it that another special little girl would have life. We find an enormous amount of comfort in getting to see Addison so full of life along with our other recipient as well. We did pray for a miracle and we got one in Addison and Hydee, the kidney recipient. Felicia is doing very well through this second anniversary. We had a very nice friends and family gathering at the cemetery including a special friend from the donor network and Hydee and her husband and in-laws (who are all an extension of family to us) followed by a potluck and a couple of videos of Addison, Audrey, and Hydee. It was a tearful day for me but the tears were both of sadness and extreme joy and pride in my daughter and granddaughter. We ALL are just so grateful to get to see Addison, Elaine, and Aaron laughing together and enjoying a full life together. We pray for Addison’s continued good health and for a long full life. Please don’t feel guilty in the slightest…we want you to just enjoy the gift that has been given to you. We are so grateful that the stars all aligned in the right way and that organ donation was even possible with Audrey because the alternative would have been so much harder. It has been a true gift to us all.

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