From pandas to Phuket – Addison’s Asian adventures

Duck face redux

Duck face redux

While our trip didn’t start under the most auspicious circumstances, it has been on an uphill curve…after really hitting rock bottom during our our first day in Hong Kong. Addison was definitely not feeling her best during the 12 hour flight from Vancouver, which you can just imagine was a long drawn-out torture session for us, especially Mommy. I was the default go-to parent, which I suppose is par for the course with a sick child. We heard a lot of whiny, “No, no, no, no, no” on the airplane. Needless to say, we were so happy to finally land in Hong Kong.

Auntie Son Son really likes pandas

Auntie Son Son really likes pandas

Unfortunately, by that point, the Princess was tired, feverish and pretty cranky. She kept saying, “Home, home, home.” It did not go over well when I told her we were going to Auntie Son-Son’s for a few days. Plus the health police here are on high alert for sickies with this latest round of avian flu. It is routine for them to do a temperature check on all arriving passengers, paying special attention to kids. We set off the alarm bells so there was a detour to the airport nurse who asked us a lot of questions about visiting farms and hanging out with chickens prior to our flight.

These jiaozi are not as good as Lao-Lao's

These jiaozi are not as good as Lao-Lao’s

Our first full day here was worrisome because Addison was not her usual self. She was still intermittently running a temperature, lethargic, and listless. Aaron and I had a few sombre moments of guilty reflection – did we do the right thing by continuing on our trip? We discussed the possibility of cutting our stay short, skipping Phuket, and flying home if she did not start to get better within three days. With jet lag and the steamy humidity dragging all of us down, it was not the best day.

Riding the cable car at Ocean Park

Riding the cable car at Ocean Park

However, the next morning, the Princess was clearly feeling much better. Her temperature was within normal range and stayed that way all day. She had lots of energy and most importantly, she was happy! Whew.

My first real panda sighting!

My first real panda sighting!

Addison has now even warmed up to her cousin Luca. At a year old, Luca is really into grabbing anything and everything within sight, including Addison’s arms, legs, head, and face. She does not like the invasion of her personal space and there have been some tense moments. We keep trying to explain to her she is twice as big as him and can easily take him down, but with her limited exposure to other babies and young children, she hasn’t figured that out yet.

On the Star Ferry

On the Star Ferry


We are getting ready to head to the airport tonight for our week in Phuket. Gorgeous beaches and a private pool…I think we deserve a little R and R right??


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “From pandas to Phuket – Addison’s Asian adventures

  1. YEAH! So glad you guys made it out here again…. and that Addie is back in almost 100% full form. We just gotta get her to happily like giving Auntie Son-Son REAL hugs (without being bribed) and to be OK with Luca invading her personal space. Happy that you guys were ALL HERE to witness Luca’s first steps!!! Off to Phuket we go!!!! XOXOX

  2. Wow, what a roller coaster ride so far! Don’t worry, that guilt thing is common to all parents. (Did I let her watch to much TV today? *guilt*) You definitely deserve to get back into holiday mode like when you were here. I can’t imagine the tension during the health check at the airport. Was it ‘don’t mention the ansplant-tray’? Congrats on finally seeing a panda!

  3. Finally brought in b’day gift for Addie a few days ago only to be told you were off on another McYong adventure! You know me – I cheered for you! 😉
    Sorry to hear it got off to worrisome start, glad Addie’s feeling better. Enjoy Phuket!!

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