We flew halfway around the world to Phuket to go to the park??


The Princess is not a fussy traveller. She has a very short list of must-sees regardless of the exotic locale – parks and playgrounds. Sometimes we can distract her with the lure of new adventures but if Addison isn’t interested, it is pretty tough to convince her otherwise. There won’t be much shopping in Thailand. Nor will there be much relaxing and lounging by the pool or beach. In contrast to our childless tropical vacations, time next to the water now consists of sand castles, digging, seashell collecting, swimming, feeding fish and jumping waves.

Addison is definitely back in good health and over the jet lag because she is up to her usual tricks again…no napping. The first five days of our trip, she was sleeping for three hours in the afternoon and we would have to wake her up. On the positive side, this means we can pack a lot more into each day. So far, we have done a little island-hopping, visited the Phuket Aquarium, rode an elephant, hung out at the beach, and visited the local playground. Auntie Sonya and Luca came with us for their long weekend, which was double trouble. Addison is actually starting to like Luca, even sharing crackers and raisins, but not enough for anything more than an air hug when they left on Sunday.

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We are hoping to get more beach time and less playground time before we leave…but you know who is in charge of this vacation!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “We flew halfway around the world to Phuket to go to the park??

  1. Love the photos!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You guys are definitely making the most of your days there (action-packed days!!) Looks like Addie is enjoying every minute of it – especially now that she does not have Luca trying to maul her and play with her toys!!! HA! Love that she was wearing the heart necklaces in one of those pics! The elephant ride looks like it was alot of fun! Addie was so brave to feed the elephant! So cute! Keep the adventures coming! See you guys in HK in a few days! 🙂 XOXOX

  2. Neena loves those little bananas too. Good to see Addison making use of her Aussie swimmers! I think it’s so cute how she had her little toes parked on the elephant seat/saddle? whatever it’s called. Good to see they have the standard issue playground over there. Know I know we could cope taking Neena there too!

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