Heading back to Vancouver – land of playgrounds


Love riding Hong Kong’s trams

We are packing and getting ready to head to the Hong Kong Airport for our 12 hour flight back to Vancouver. Amazingly, we have avoided any more playground visits on this trip, which means Mommy got to fit in some shopping. I explained to the Princess we would visit lots of parks and playgrounds at home in Vancouver. This seemed to be a reasonable compromise for all of us and Addison has been somewhat understanding of the situation. Let’s put it this way – I can thank my 2 year old for saving me a lot of money because she definitely put a damper on my usual shopping marathon here. There’s always a silver lining right?

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We arrived back in HK just in time to celebrate Auntie Son-Son’s birthday with afternoon tea on the 103rd floor of the Ritz Carlton…Addison’s first real tea party. And we have also taken every form of public transportation, done a lot of walking (mostly Daddy carrying Addison), visited the Big Buddha, enjoyed a cable car ride, eaten a lot of yummy snacks and meals. We will be sad to say good-bye to baby Luca, Uncle Ben and Auntie Sonya, but they are coming to Vancouver for the summer in less than four weeks.

Bye bye Hong Kong!!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Heading back to Vancouver – land of playgrounds

  1. Love that Addie has enjoyed her time in Hong Kong. I love that she knows Auntie Son-Son’s house and she had fun playing with all of Luca’s toys. It’s so heartwarming when she actually gives Auntie Son-Son, Uncle Ben-Ben and Baby Luca REAL hugs and kisses (not air hugs and kisses!) 🙂 We had such a great time having you guys visit…Elaine – I think you did pretty well with the shopping!!!!!! 🙂 See you guys in 3 weeks…..were you surprised – NO TEARS!!!!! First time ever!!!! 🙂 XOXOX

  2. Glad to hear about your trip adventures. Love the photos – especially the one of Aaron & his airplane friends. 🙂

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