Miracle Weekend here we come…jet lagged or not!

Our two week vacation is already a distant memory as we settle back into our everyday routine. At work, everyone is asking Aaron and I how we are doing with the jet lag. We must look exhausted, but let me clarify…we don’t have jet lag. We just have a toddler with jet lag. That means no one in the McYong household is getting a good night’s sleep. Now that Addison is talking, it’s harder to ignore the middle-of-the-night crying. It goes something like this, “Momma…holdie! Dadda…holdie! Out!! Out!!! Momma…holdie!!!!!!!” We have tried melatonin with limited success. We have tried bribes with limited success. We have tried sit-down discussions, but there is no reasoning with a 2-year old. We thought we had a breakthrough on Thursday night when the Princess slept through the night, but last night was bad, bad, bad. It’s the price we pay for traveling halfway around the world. And it is definitely worth it, but maybe it’s best if you ask me next week.

We are hoping for a good night’s rest tonight because we have a big day on Sunday. It’s Miracle Weekend, the major fundraising telethon for BC Children’s Hospital. We will be hosting from 10:30am to 1:oopm, along with our little superstar. The goal is huge, but the money is badly needed to continue providing BC’s sick kids with world-class care. Though we have been involved in the telethon for years, it has so much more meaning now that we have our own little miracle to celebrate.

Happy Miracle Weekend!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “Miracle Weekend here we come…jet lagged or not!

  1. Fantastic photos to capture some great Hk memories. Sorry the princess’ jet lag sucks…maybe you guys should just come back to Hk!!!! 🙂 good luck thus miracle weekend!!!! Xoxoxo

  2. ‘There is no reasoning with a two year old’. We remind ourselves of this daily! I like that raisin sharing, way to go little cousins.

  3. Hope you got some sleep…. I’m watching the telethon and donated in honour of all the little miracles like Princess Addie… hang in there mom and dad …. the two year old stage doesn’t last for ever 😉 Hugs to the McYong Clan.

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