Happy Dadda Day! ❤ Adda

Addison June 2013 16 at 10-31-14

I love my Dadda! He always takes me to the park and on bike rides. He makes me breakfast almost every day – mmmm pancakes. He even lets me watch Dora a lot more than Mommy does. He says “Shhhhh! Don’t tell Momma!” He tells me it’s the only way he can get anything done. I’m not that much trouble am I??

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For Father’s Day, I picked out a nice hot dog card for Dadda and my nanny Daisy helped me make a picture frame! Then we went out to water the garden…so much fun!!

(By the way, do you love my octopus PJ top?? I have three pairs of octopus PJs!!)



PS Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, including our own!! – Elaine and Aaron

2 thoughts on “Happy Dadda Day! ❤ Adda

  1. Happy Father’s Day to you, aaron!!!! You are always so amazingly calm and cool!!! Hope Addie gives you lots of hugs and kisses today!!! 🙂

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