It’s playtime all the time in Mexico!

Before we left, if you had asked Addison what she was going to do in Mexico, her answer would have been “Play”. Well as you know, the Princess often gets what she wants. The first half of our trip has certainly lived up to her expectations. Our schedule has alternated mostly between beach, pool and playing with her cousins.

For the first year of her life, Addison was so timid and shy around other kids, it bordered on terror. With her severely compromised immune system post-transplant, we kept a pretty tight lid on visits with other children, babytime, mom groups, anywhere we could not control germs. Even my family knew the rules – no visits from sick or I-think-I-might-be-getting-sick people. As Addison gets stronger, we have been more relaxed about my germaphobia. She seems to enjoy playing with older children more than babies and other toddlers. It still takes her a while to warm up and allow anyone into her personal space.

So it has been especially nice to see her having fun with her cousins at our beautiful beach casa north of Puerto Vallarta. She loves following her big cousin Manny. They have had several tea parties together and made their own “playground” constructed out of bar stools. She tends to ignore her little cousins Luca and Avery but she tolerates them, which is a big step!

Addison also has a new love for tacos. Yesterday, the family went on a food tour with Vallarta Eats where we got to sample seven different tacos plus other Mexican yummies. After our first stop, Addison enthusiastically said, “More tacos!!”

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “It’s playtime all the time in Mexico!

  1. That’s a lotta tacos! I have a feeling your family was up to the challenge. 🙂 we’re always so pleased to hear she is strong and healthy and full of energy. Neena can’t wait to see you Addison!

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