Who’s your Daddy?? Addy’s Daddy spreads the word #beadonor

Addison July 2013 21 at 10-31-48

I know Addy’s Daddy doesn’t want too much fanfare because he’s not that kind of guy. But in just a few weeks, he turns 40. It’s a huge milestone year and even though we don’t really do gifts, I wanted to do something special. My first thought was buying him a fancy new road bike, but apparently those cost at least $1500+, not to mention it’s complicated to buy someone else a bike. I kind of think of it like Aaron buying me a pair of shoes…so many factors to consider it’s probably best not to go there. So months and months ago, I started looking for ways to make him a special custom bike jersey. Aaron has been in training for the Whistler Gran Fondo, an event he’s wanted to do for a few years now. What a great opportunity to spread the message about organ donation?

Addison July 2013 21 at 10-32-09 Addison July 2013 21 at 10-32-22

I finally found a company that would do just a single jersey – we don’t have a Team Addison on bikes…at least not yet – and started working on a design. With the help of my friend Julie who patiently explained what a vector file is and contributed some computer tricks, plus many hours scouring the internet, I got Aaron the perfect birthday present. Addison and I gave it to him early so he could wear it this weekend at his training ride at the Fraser Valley Fondo.

Addison July 2013 21 at 11-23-33

Not only did Aaron rock the 88kms (he would have finished sub 3-hours if he hadn’t run into a major mechanical problem), his jersey also brought a new heart transplant buddy into Addison’s circle. Another cyclist saw Aaron’s jersey and asked him why he was promoting organ donation. When Aaron told him about the Princess, his fellow cyclist said, “Me too!”. Turns out Chris got his transplant three years ago, one week before his twin daughters were born. He introduced us to his lovely family. He also showed his zipper scar to Addison and we had a great chat discussing medications, post and pre-transplant life, as well as the best advice he was given by another transplant recipient – keep moving. A great way to keep living, don’t you think?



Elaine, Aaron and Addison

PS – We have had a couple of people interested in ordering one of these special jerseys. If we get enough people, I can place an order. Of course it wouldn’t say “Addy’s Daddy” on the sleeves! And I would either take off “My daughter thanks you!” or change it to “Addison thanks you!” Price is approximately $70.

PPS – Aaron still got his fancy new road bike. And I agreed to pay for half of it!

10 thoughts on “Who’s your Daddy?? Addy’s Daddy spreads the word #beadonor

  1. Amazing! Good job on the shirt, Elaine! And great job on the ride, Aaron! And how great to have met another transplant friend. That’s awesome!

  2. Elaine I would love to purchase jersey. I would want to have transplant recipient or something along those line put on it though. Let me know when you are thinking about placing an order.

  3. Love it! Way to go Elaine, Aaron and Addison. We actually met Chris just a few months post transplant – I remember his story well. Brynnie’s Daddy would really love such a great cycling jersey – keep us up to date. And, welcome to the 40 club – almost – Aaron!

  4. Great jersey Elaine! love the Recycle message — a good reminder to everyone to sign up for doing so. Good luck to Aaron on entering the 40’s and on his future race.

  5. Congrats, Daddy on a great ride!! The cycling jersey is awesome! What a great idea and super fun design! A fantastic way to spread the word about being a donor. Really cool that Aaron met Chris through his shirt! It’s wonderful that Addie (and you guys) have a community of people you can talk to who can relate and understand exactly what you are talking about…
    Happy (early) 40th Aaron!!!!!!!

  6. ❤ the jersey Aaron… and who wouldn't be proud to be Addy's Daddy ? Happy early 40th and good luck with the Gran Fondo… married to a cycling addict and a son who is obsessed as well…. 40 is the new 30 I hear 😉 BTW what I wouldn't give to be looking 40 in the face instead of 60… age is a state of mind… but keep the advil handy. Trying so hard to age with dignity and rocking the silver spiky hair !

  7. Would it be possible to get t-shirts instead? I am not sure but Felicia is getting a group together to do a donor walk/run in Sept and I think those would be awesome for our group to wear. Please email me or her!

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