Biopsy Round 4

We had a very cranky Princess early this morning at 6:15 when we had to wake her up for the hospital. Of course she wanted to eat something, which she isn’t allowed to do, and then she kept saying, “Addison very tired!”
There were a few hysterics during the pre-catheter procedures but once Dora and the stickers came out, the smiles were back.
Dr. Harris is doing the regular biopsy this morning, where he takes a little sample of heart tissue, but he will also be looking at Addison’s coronary arteries this morning. The procedure will take longer than usual.
As usual, Addison amazes us with her strength an ability to take anything life throws her way.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Biopsy Round 4

  1. ohhhh hang in there princess addie (and mommy and daddy)….. good to know that her dora ipad, stickers (and her dora pj’s!) are keeping her entertained… good luck today!

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