Another zero on the books – kicking rejection in the butt again!

A big who-hoo in the McYong household today – ZERO rejection once again! This is now the fourth attempt at a biopsy, third time successful access and third time with a big fat zero. Overall, everything is looking pretty great with Addison’s health. Her Tacrolimus levels are in the sweet spot, her kidney numbers are trending in the right direction, she’s growing like a weed and she’s talking up a storm. The only small little adjustment is we have to go back on iron supplements because her hemoglobin is dropping.

We left the hospital yesterday afternoon with instructions to make sure Addison “took it easy” for the afternoon and did quiet play. Have they spent five minutes with our busy toddler?? She has always been energetic, even dropping her naps by the age of two. Yep, she just goes all day non-stop. Within an hour of getting home, she was bouncing off the walls, insisting on being “nakee” while cavorting around the house. Maybe those three Popsicles she sucked back in recovery had something to do with it?

Now that the Princess is the grand old age of two, we have started spending more time explaining the process when we have to go to the hospital. She seems to understand because today she said to me, “Check heart working.” I told my sweet little girl her heart was working perfect.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

7 thoughts on “Another zero on the books – kicking rejection in the butt again!

  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge Team Addison cheers all around!!! SO happy to hear the big fat zero results! 🙂 Addison was clearly celebrating the results early! 🙂 Love the video of Addie “taking it easy”. HAHA! In true Addison style!

  2. Ya-Hoo! Zero is the best number. We’re celebrating a zero from Andrew’s biopsy that day too. It was great to see you at BCCH on Tuesday.
    Heart kids are amazing!

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