Go Whitecaps! Addison gets the grand tour

There are perks to all the time we spend at the hospital and this afternoon was one of them. While I was at work, Aaron and the Princess got treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of BC Place with the Whitecaps, thanks to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Not sure Addison was overly impressed with meeting Whitecaps Ambassador and superstar soccer player Carl Valentine. She was really there for the french fries. And hanging out with her friends. We taught her to say, “Go Whitecaps!”, but that didn’t help them tonight. Unfortunately they lost. 😦

As if Addison doesn’t get enough face time, but at our biopsy on Tuesday, the BCCHF had a cameraman following us around. They are putting together a video for a direct mail campaign that will come out around Christmas. They also took some photos, which was a little odd because we never get to see it from that perspective. Plus we’ve never been inside the cath lab during the procedure.

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And in other exciting news, Addison has her own Twitter account! You can follow her @weheartAddison. This is where we will post silly pictures and random thoughts. There are plenty of those to go around.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Go Whitecaps! Addison gets the grand tour

  1. Awesome that the kids get to experience activities like this!!!! Also very interesting to see the pics from Addie’s day getting her biopsy…she is one brave little girl!!!! So now she has a twitter account??? What??? Haha! I guess I’ll need to actually get into twitter and figure out how it works…!!

  2. so good to read this and then to see a pic of Andrew, after just seeing a pic of Andrew with my cousin Karter! what special kids we have in our lives.

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