“Because I said so….” More conversations with a 2 year old

As Addison would put it, “We are off on more adventures!” This morning it is chaos in our house as we pack up the car and head to the Interior for a visit with Grandma and Grandpa. However, this is not just a long weekend road trip, it’s also Aaron’s Grandma’s memorial service in Greenwood on Saturday. Addison was lucky enough to have spent some time with her great-grandmother, something that doesn’t happen that often anymore. Grandma Molly was just a few weeks shy of her 102nd birthday when she passed away…an amazing woman with a fantastic life!!

Addison November 2012 06 12-25-42

It will be a celebration of life rather than a mournful occasion, which fits right in with the Princess’s philosophy. She has entered the “Why? Why? Why?” stage. For two journalist parents who rarely lack something to say, unfortunately we have resorted to, “Because I said so!” and “Because I’m in charge!” many times over. As all the other parents will attest, it doesn’t work.

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Addison has become quite obsessed with her run bike (thanks Auntie Julie!), and she’ll fearlessly propel herself down our sidewalk, even if we aren’t running right behind her. She doesn’t even look back. One night when she had biked down to the end of the block I told her it was time to turn around. And this is how it went:

Addison: “Why?”

Mommy: “Because we should bike back towards our house.”

Addison: “Why?”

Mommy: “Because I didn’t lock the front door.”

Addison: “Why?”

Mommy: “Because I didn’t think we’d be gone for very long.” (Plus I had just walked in from work and you were adamant we go out immediately to ride your bike.)

Addison: “Why?”

Mommy: “It’s time to turn around.”

Addison: “Why?”

Mommy: (sighing) “Because I’m in charge.”

Addison: (putting her hand on her chest) “I’M in charge.”

How can you argue with that logic???


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on ““Because I said so….” More conversations with a 2 year old

  1. Ah… the wonderful spirit of a 2 year old! They crave knowlege & everything is possible.

    Because we are going to race back to the house. I bet I can get there first. Three, two, one… go!

    That usually worked for me. 🙂

    Have a great weekend with family!

  2. I like the new look blog. Very appropriate colour! Wishing you a peaceful car journey, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Addison suggested she drive the car

  3. Haha!!!! The sooner you guys accept that princess Addie is in charge, the easier it will be!!!! Hahaha!!!! Hilarious! Have a great weekend celebrating great-grandma Molly’s life!! Your new website looks great!!!! 🙂 worth the time and effort! 🙂

  4. wonderful to read of your spunky 2 yr old… Princess Addie is just preparing you for what is yet to come….the tweens and teen years… enjoy and safe travels…. 😉

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