A case of bad timing – the downside of potty training

The Princess has been practising her cheers for several days now – variations of “Go Daddy Go!” and “Hooray Daddy!!”, with the odd “You did it Daddy!” thrown in for fun. Friday afternoon we had our first Mommy-Daughter road trip up to Whistler so we’d be ready for Aaron’s finish line moment at the Whistler GranFondo sometime around noon on Saturday. My sister Jen and her two kids, Manny and Avery, also joined us so we could have a big cheering section.

We were all ready to go, patiently (and not so patiently for those in our group under the age of 30) waiting for Aaron to zoom up to the finish. Well, just when his arrival was imminent, Addison decided she couldn’t possibly survive a moment longer without a visit to the potty. Impossible to wait even five minuutes. Potty. NOW. NOW. NOW. Auntie Jen graciously volunteered to take the Princess into a nearby bush and let her do her business while Manny and I were left to hold up the cheering end of things. Of course, within two minutes, Aaron came barreling down the home stretch. We did our best, Manny and I, to welcome him with fanfare. As he rolled past us, looking a little bewildered that I was minus our daughter, I managed to yell out, “Potty!”

So after all that hype, the Princess missed out on Daddy’s big finish. But we exchanged many hugs afterwards.

We celebrated tonight with Adddison’s first taste of s’mores. She seemed to really enjoy the chocolate part!

We are so proud of Aaron for accomplishing the gruelling climb from Vancouver to Whistler in 5:03!! He said it was harder than he thought, especially the last 19km from Brandywine, but he’s already thinking about next year. Maybe a “Recycle Your Parts” team?


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “A case of bad timing – the downside of potty training

  1. Congrats Aaron …. 40 is the new 30 😉 and hugs to the Princess and the Potty ( did you ever read her that book ) who gets cuter by the day 🙂

  2. I’d say Addison’s timing was impeccable, it was Daddy’s timing that was off! 😉 Is this why they say in the biz never work with animals or small children? What an accomplishment for Aaron, wow he is so fit.

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