There’s no guidebook for this trip-of-a-lifetime

Future ballerina?

Future ballerina?

Tomorrow morning the McYongs are leaving on a jet plane once again. Except this is an extraordinary trip. We aren’t going that far…just down to San Francisco. But it’s not the destination that makes this weekend so incredibly special. Tomorrow, we are meeting Addison’s donor family for the first time.

I haven’t really let myself stop and think too much about it because there’s really nothing that can prepare me for the depth of emotions I am about to experience. When Addison first got her heart transplant, it’s something I thought would never happen with Canada’s strict privacy rules.

Felicia found us through the blog on Addison’s one year heart party day. Now, her beautiful baby girl Audrey’s picture hangs in Addison’s room. Our two daughters’ lives are forever entwined. While we have only ever “talked” with Felicia via email and Facebook, we have spent the past year and a half getting to know her and her family. When we first connected, I wasn’t sure when and if I would ever be ready to meet in person. But life is short. I’ve learned through our journey with Addison to live life to the fullest without holding back. There is no time for regrets.

The thing is I already feel like I know Felicia and consider her a member of our extended family. She is an amazing young woman who is full of love and generosity. She’s been more worried about making this a good experience for me than anything else! Though she lives in Reno, we are meeting in Santa Clara because we are all taking part in the California Transplant Donor Network Donate Life walk on Saturday in honour of Audrey.

I know it’s going to be emotional, overwhelming, and beautiful. There will be tears and there will be lots of laughter too. And when we say good-bye, I just hope we will have been able to convey what’s deep in our hearts…our overwhelming love and gratitude for the gift Felicia has given us…Addison.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

7 thoughts on “There’s no guidebook for this trip-of-a-lifetime

  1. Blessings to the McYongs and Felicia and her family…. yes it will be emotional and overwhelming at times… but Felicia will likely find some comfort in seeing Princess Addie doing so well…. and recognizing that in some way her daughter lives on with Addison….and celebrating her baby’s gift of life to another has got to be bittersweet but joyous in many ways for Felicia …. safe travels and don’t to pack extra tissues…. I am sure this trip will be cathartic for all involved….. hugs

  2. Wish we could be there to meet Felicia and her family too…words cannot express what an incredible, unforgettable time this will be…little Audrey will always be a part of all of us…xoxox

  3. I hope you packed enough tissues. What a wonderful experience. I am thrilled for you guys!
    I must admit I’m jealous too. Hopefully we will get the chance to know & meet Andrew’s heart hero’s family.
    Heart hugs!

  4. Our hearts are overjoyed for you and your family as you take this incredible journey! I was just saying today to someone how amazing it would be to share with Tristyn’s donor’s family a glimpse and how well he is doing and what a blessing their gift of life has been, Enjoy, enjoy,rejoice! xoxo the Tallios!

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