So thankful…

We try to be thankful everyday for the extraordinary gift we are fortunate enough to wake up with every morning. But Thanksgiving is always a good time for a few moments of extra reflection in our crazy busy lives. I just realized Addison is officially 2 1/2 years old this weekend! And I am reminded of where we were last year when she celebrated 18 months. Our Princess was in the hospital, battling a very serious and rare pneumonia which only immune-compromised patients get. We had to cancel our trip to Hong Kong and Thailand and put our lives on hold for three long weeks.

Addison October 2013 12 at 12-06-28

This year our little girl seems much stronger. She’s already blazing through her second cold of the season (thanks to Daddy for being Patient 0 in this latest case). I’d still prefer her not to ever get sick but I have to tell myself each little sniffle and sneeze she successfully conquers makes her immune system that much stronger. I have been prepping her for another separation from me, this time for an entire week. I am going to Toronto and London (Ontario) for my transplant research series on Tuesday. I feel better knowing she didn’t even bat an eyelash for my first extended work trip in August, but I will miss her constant chatter and giggles. I am not above bribing her with a “special treat” upon my return. That way I will hopefully stay ensconced as her “number one”!

On the medical front, it’s a little odd not having any scheduled Transplant Clinic visits. Addison still needs blood tests every month and we will have to go in soon for our annual flu shot, but that’s easy breezy compared to all the other stuff. The last time Aaron took her for blood work, they were about five blocks away from the hospital when she piped up from the back, “Dadda, I’m not going to cry.” She didn’t quite keep her promise – there were a few tears shed – but I think she deserves a gold star for the brave front she puts on whenever she’s faced with a tough turn in life. I can’t tell you how proud I am of her, and how thankful I am we have such an amazing little fighter to show us how to keep on blazing ahead even when the road is rough.

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Addison is quite the chatterbox, and very opinionated. Everyone laughs when I tell them this, incredulous that any child of ours could possibly be anything else. Last week one night when I got home from work, she told me, “I missed you Momma!” Then after we finished a FaceTime conversation with Auntie Sonya from the Hong Kong Airport where they were flying to a beach vacation in the Philippines, Addison asked me, “Do you think they have bathing suits?” And then there’s my other favourite of the week – tonight she didn’t want Daddy to give her a bath so she pointed out the bedroom door and sternly said, “Daddy, go to the living room.”

Giving thanks every day…


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “So thankful…

  1. I love her little red riding hood coat! She’s such an amazing little girl. Happy half Birthday, Addie! (And don’t forget, that massive scary infection did give us a chance to get you to Vij’s for the first time. There is that to be thankful for as well! 😉 ) We should get together again soon! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Addison (and her parents!) is one amazing little girl. It’s really amazing to see/hear/watch her grow and develop – listening to this little princess and hearing her thoughts aloud is amusing. I cannot believe she asked if we would have bathing suits! 🙂 So cute! We are all very thankful for you sharing your stories and photos with us! 🙂 So happy she enjoyed the Dora show! 🙂

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