Another first for Addison – tiptoeing through the pumpkin patch

Addison October 2013 27 at 11-41-03

We missed all the Halloween hoopla last year because we were in the hospital with that pesky pneumocystis pneumonia. We got out of jail just in time for the big night but there was no time for the full experience…not that Aaron or I have ever been big on celebrating Hallmark or other trumped-up “holidays”, but that kind of goes out the door when you have a child. This year, our front window is full of handmade ghosts and bats (thanks to our crafty nanny Daisy), Auntie Jennifer has made Addison a great costume, and there are pumpkins on our doorstep handpicked by the Princess from an authentic pumpkin patch. She wasn’t so sure about the cows and chickens but she loved the hay wagon ride at Rondriso Farms.

I told Addison several times we were going to pick out one special pumpkin, just one. We ended up with two pumpkins from the field and three mini pumpkins…not bad right?


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Another first for Addison – tiptoeing through the pumpkin patch

  1. OMG…. could she possibly get any cuter ? This brings back so many fond memories of trips to the pumpkin patch when my kids were little ‘ punkins ‘ as my son would say… enjoy the Hallmark holiday and yes it comes with the gig of parenting… but hey…. the photo ops are fabulous….. can’t wait to see what Princess Addie will be dressed as …… ❤

  2. Happy Halloween! So glad that Addie gets to REALLY experience Halloween (and understand what it means = looking cute and getting free treats!!!). Hilarious that your intentions were to get ONE pumpkin and the princess managed to get 5!!!!! So that is how it works, huh? Go Addie!

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